ROK lemon licks

ROK lemon licks

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Strumming along to it’s own tune, lemon licks rok is humming with refreshing cold pressed lemon topped off with a spritz of lemon myrtle. The perfect rok-tail mixer and a deliciously thirst-quenching Summer drink.


rok Kombucha is the rok-ing kombucha brewer of Australia’s southwest, bringing you delicious handmade booch, batch-brewed right here in Margaret River – WA’s cradle for fine food and beverages. Using only specially sourced organic ingredients, rok is causing a fizz with a premium range of fermented drinks packing a probiotic punch that make your tastebuds sing and your gut flora smile

Brewed to exacting standards and bubbling with literally millions of beneficial yeast, bacteria and live digestive enzymes, rok is a living superfood filled with probiotic goodness that will rok your socks off! All that good stuff in our banging booch can help improve gut function, assist with digestion and detoxification and support overall immune system health. Bubbles with benefits!”